Waverley Night Spring 2016 Registration now open!

Registration is now open for all Waverley Night teams for Spring 2016 via the TeamApp Store.

Please register by Sunday 29th May 2016. This will ensure your spot in the team, and that your team has sufficient numbers to be registered with the association.

All players must hold 2016 Netball Victoria Membership (NVM). NVM only needs to be purchased once a year. This can only be done online directly through the Association (

Social netball registration now open for 2016!

It is time to register for your social netball team for 2016!

We have moved registration and uniform purchase to TeamApp, so it’s super easy. If you’re ready to go, click “Store” on the App home screen and follow the prompts to purchase registration (don’t forget to purchase your Netball Victoria Membership as well). If needed, detailed instructions can be found on here.

Make sure you update all your membership details, otherwise we’ll have to chase you up, as we require those details to register you with the association.

While you’re on TeamApp, please change your Access Groups to make sure you only get the notifications that apply to you.

Registration closes on December 31st. You can purchase registration for all you teams at the same time.

Waverley District 2016 registration is now open!

Registration is now open for WDNA Autumn season 2016. Registrations will close 31st January, 2016.

Log onto our Sportsubs page to register and pay. Registration must be under your daughter or son’s name, not parent’s first name.

Select and pay the following products and pay both together:

  1. WDNA Autumn 2016 = $85.00
  2. Netball Victoria Membership – Junior 2016 = $49.00 (Annual registration payment)

Total Amount = $134.00

Are you interested in playing competitive netball in 2016?

St Michael’s Ashburton Netball Club is inviting players to trial for our teams in the 15 & Under, 17 & Under, Open and Premier League Open competitions at Waverley Night Netball Association.

Please attend trials on Sunday 29th November and Sunday 6th December (4-6pm) at the Ashwood Netball Courts (Cassinia Drive).

Selected players are expected to attend weekly training. Competitions are at the Waverley Netball Centre. All players must arrive 30 minutes prior to match times. A high level of commitment is expected from the players who accept positions on these teams.

Competition nights are as follows: Monday – 17 & Under, Tuesday – Open and Premier League Open, Thursday – 15 & Under

<Registrations closed 22nd November 2015>