Uniforms – 11/U, 13/U

Uniforms consist of the club polo shirt and navy skirt.  The club polo costs $40 and can be purchased online via our TeamApp store.

Uniforms – 15/U and above

Teams competing in the 15/U age group and above wear the club’s netball dress.  Dresses cost $110 and are available online via or TeamApp store. A limited number of second hand dresses are available on a first come best dressed basis.  Please contact our uniform co-ordinator if you are interested.


Second Hand Dresses

If you have a second hand dress in GOOD condition and wish to sell it, please contact our uniform co-ordinator for more information.

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  1. Deanna Lloyd says:

    I’m after some further information about purchasing a netball dress

  2. Rachel Imeson says:


    My daughter Caitlin Imeson (under17-1) has a new dress in size 12 women and it’s too big on her, she should be in size 10. Is there a way we can swap it?


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